Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Did You Get The Memo

Did You Get The Memo

God will often send a memo to your spirit before He reveals the message in the natural.  

We have all experienced that “gut feeling” when we know from somewhere in our spirit that something isn't right or we shouldn't go somewhere or do something.  Well I believe that that’s when God speaks to us in the spirit before revealing the reason in the natural; that’s when He sends a memo to our spirit.  Do you read the memo and follow its instructions or do you go your own way anyway? If you don't read the memo you will never get the message!

I remember shortly after I gave my life to Christ, I was invited by my friends to a night club. There was nothing extraordinary about that. It was very normal for us to link up and go to the club. To enjoy a good night out; music, alcohol and all the trimmings, so I thought, why not?  It can’t do any harm; I’ll go but I just won’t partake in the goings on. I’m a Christian now, I've been saved and I can do this. I’m strong enough to resist temptation. I can rely on me. But when I got there, I received a memo from God.  Somewhere deep inside me I knew I shouldn't be there. It didn't feel the same as before and I knew I had to leave in that instant. You see I was trying to rely on my own strength (Philippians 3:3), I tried to fight a new fight with old tactics not realising that though my spirit was willing my flesh was weak (Matthew 26:41).  I drove home that night angry, disappointed and frustrated at God.  Why didn't He want me to have a good time? But He had a plan for me; a purpose for me and He knew that my strength to fight the enemy did not lie in my efforts but in fact in His strength. I got home that night and received another memo to my spirit.  This time it was to pick up the Bible and read.  To this day I don’t recall exactly which scripture I read but I know that as I read, calm came over me and I felt at peace.  I realised that God was rescuing me from myself. 

Did you get a memo?  Did you read it and follow its instructions?

Many times we do things which we know goes against what is Gods will for us and by doing so we allow the enemy to keep us down but God knows our path even before we take a step and He will speak to our spirit to show us the error of our ways.  He will send a memo to our spirit to show us His purpose for us.  Often what we want to do is not what we need to do and if we would just read the memo and follow its instructions we will not fall off the path that has been laid for us. Our footsteps will be ordered and we will walk in prosperity (Psalm 37:23).  All the great men of the Bible received memos to their spirit before it materialised in the natural as a message.  Had they ignored the memo where would we be today?  Abraham received a memo and followed its instructions.  God spoke to his spirit and told him to take his son Isaac up to the mountain to be sacrificed. Despite Isaac being promised to Abraham, he followed the instructions and Isaac was saved and Abraham blessed for his obedience (Genesis 22). Joseph was sent a memo about being a future leader and despite his suffering at the hands of his brothers he followed the instructions and God prospered him (Genesis 37).  Moses was sent a memo and followed the instructions and God parted the sea for him and the children of Israel to cross over (Exodus 14:21-31).  Noah received a memo in his spirit, followed its instructions and as a result God prospered him (Genesis 6:13-21).

We have all been made by and for Gods glory so when He sees us about to step away from His glory He will speak to our spirit man, He will send a memo to our spirit to warn us; to save us from the attempts of the enemy but we must follow the instructions.  

I am a living, walking, talking testimony of a recipient of “a memo to my spirit”.  God knows I have a heart for Him but so does the enemy and just as God desires me so does the enemy.  I have been tempted in many ways; in my relationships, my finances, my business but each time God sends a memo to my spirit.  He speaks to me in the spiritual.  The enemy can only tempt you with the natural because he is of this world but God says my sheep knows my voice and will follow no other (John 10:27).  Are you one of His sheep? Do you know His voice? You can only receive the memo if you’re one of His sheep.  

Did you get the memo? Have you missed the message?
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