Tuesday, 16 April 2013

You Get It On Credit

You Get It On Credit

Have you ever seen yourself in the future? Had a glimpse of a future you think is impossible to achieve? You see yourself living a completely different, more successful and prosperous life than where you are today but in your current circumstances that vision seems impossible to achieve so you just get on with getting on and accepting that what you’ve got is your lot in life. After all it was only a dream and dreams don’t always come true.  Wrong! God will give you your future on credit. He will show you what He has planned for you; He will show you where your future is at and what your future holds. It’s His promise to you for a better future but you will have to believe in Him and the promise because His intentions are to prosper you (Acts 17:11) Gods word says He will give you the desires of your heart according to His will and purpose for your life.(Psalm37:4)

Today we live in a society of quick fixes, buy now and pay later schemes. Despite not being in a position to afford the quick fixes or the repayments we fall for the seductive call and caresses of the enemy and go ahead of Gods plan for us. We allow our wants to go ahead of His will for us because society dictates that we must have the future now...why wait when you can have it right now? Why not get it now and worry about the future later and before we know it, we are trapped by our inability to wait. We are trapped in a mired of negativity and can’t find our way out but that’s not the future God has for us. That’s not His plan for us. It’s not the future He promised us. It’s the subtle seduction of the enemy that got us here. We were duped by his soft words, his pretty pictures and false promises because that is all he has to offer; that is his purpose; to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). He is a counterfeit and uses trickery to trap us into believing his lies and falling prey to his deceit but Jesus went ahead of us and paid the price on our behalf for our debts. Through His death we have been set free. Because of His sacrifice we can look forward to a bright and prosperous future. He will show you a future that is real and achievable but you will have to trust Him, believe in the promise and the dream against all the odds (Psalm 62:8)

Joseph was shown his future at a very young age.  God appeared in a dream to Joseph and showed him the plans He had for him (Genesis 37). Joseph believed in that dream and despite all the attempts of the enemy and the attempts of his brothers to abort that dream, God kept His word and prospered Joseph. Sometimes you will have to keep the dream to yourself. Be careful of who you share your dream with because not everyone shares your vision. The enemy will make every attempt to steal your dream and he will use even those closest to you to destroy you and your dream but what God has for you none can take from you. What is your dream, what is your vision? 

You may have to go through some stuff, you may have to go without for a while, you may have to be separated, isolated, ridiculed be battered and bruised but He will keep His word and His promise. Keep trusting and praising Him and He will repay you double for your trouble (book of Job).  All the “stuff” you have to endure will only be for a season, it’s your strengthening period. He is preparing you to propel you. Hold on and trust Him. He showed you your future on credit and it’s waiting at the end of the payment period for you.

A few years ago I was in a negative financial position. I had no car and no job. I remember saying to someone that I had seen myself in the future and I saw myself overcoming my current circumstances. God gave me a glimpse of what He had planned for me and where He was taking me. I looked much better, stronger and wiser than I was at that point. He told me people are waiting to hear what I had to say and I knew that I was going to get to that place, and be that person but I also knew that for me to get there I would have to trust Him and believe in the promise. I had to, against all the odds, against all the attempts of the enemy, against all the negative words and lack of encouragement, against my own doubts, hold firmly to the promise and my faith in my Father. Are you prepared to go against the odds and the doubting thoughts that attack your vision? What you see and hear in me now is what He showed me many years ago on credit. I can testify today that by His grace I am in a better place, I am a better person and I look and feel better than I did back then. I did not get there on my own strength or my own efforts. I held fast to His word and promise and relied on His strength. He paid for my future but I had to earn it. I had to prove myself worthy. I had to be strong enough to be able to handle it.  I got it on credit.

Moses and the children of Israel were shown their future on credit (Numbers 27:12). They were shown the promise land but they had to go back to Egypt and earn the right to that promise. They had to prove their faith, prove themselves worthy and strong enough to carry the promise. They had to remain faithful and trust God; Abraham and Sarah were promised a child but they had to trust and believe God to make good His promise (Genesis 21); God showed Noah the future on credit.  God told him of the rain and the flood which will destroy mankind 120 years before it happened (Genesis 6:3). Noah had never seen rain before but because of his relationship with God he believed, trusted and stood on the promise of God. He grabbed the vision and held onto it. Despite the snares of everyone around him, despite their unbelief, he held fast to the promise because God had showed it to him on credit.  Because of Noah’s relationship with God, his faith in God and his belief in the promise of God mankind were saved; Because of their relationship God told Joshua of His plans to prosper him. He showed him his future on credit (Joshua 1:37) but Joshua had to stand strong against all the odds. He had to be in right standing with God. God will give you your future on credit. He will give it to you in the spirit before it materialises in the natural but you must be in a relationship with Him. All of these people were shown their future on credit because of their relationship with God.  What’s your relationship with God like?

You will have to go through some stuff to get to the dream. He showed you your future in advance but sends you back to prepare you. Don’t worry about how you’re going to get what He’s shown you because if He’s shown it to you then it is real. You will get frustrated but frustration is your fight to a brighter future. Every emotion used is never wasted. God has so much He wants to give to you but to who much is given much is required (Luke 12:48). He chose you in advance; every hair on your head is numbered; every step you take has been ordered (Psalm 37:23). He knew all your experiences (good or bad) before you experienced them.  He made you for a purpose and He will fulfil that purpose. He will prosper you but no matter what is thrown at you don’t lose faith and sight of the promise.  Despite all the odds say “Lord you promised me; you showed me my future and I’m not giving up or letting go until You bless me, until You come through show up and show off in me and when You do I will use the promise to glorify and magnify Your name.  I will wait on You..........
I will get it on credit
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