Wednesday, 19 September 2012

It Was Given For A Reason

It Was Given For A Reason
All dreams are conceived in the mind and purposed in the flesh.  Desire for it first and then work towards materialising it.  Desire starts of as a thought before it can come to fruition.  
If you can dream it you can see it, if you can see it you can make it become a part of you and if you can make it become a part of you it can become a reality. Believe it can be so, speak as if it’s so, so that it can be so because God said so (Romans 4:17).  Your blessings are not just what you can physically see now, it’s what your mind can conceive, what you can see in the future.  What does success look like to you? Your blessings / success is not what you can see, it’s what you can imagine
The most significant things I have achieved started out as a desire in my mind before they were birth in the physical.  The blessing starts in the mind and what your mind can conceive you can achieve.  

When I started out in the business I am in, I did not have the materials nor the finances but I had a vision, I had a dream and I believed in that vision and dream so I owned it and believed that I can achieve it.  God placed the desire and vision in me because it was His will for me.  God makes no mistakes and when He gives us a vision, a dream it’s because He wants us to believe it and believe on Him for it to materialise.  He impregnates us with a dream and will birth that dream but we have to believe in the dream and have faith in Him
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