Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Power Of Seduction

The Power Of Seduction

 I do what I don’t want to do even when I know what I should do (Romans 7:15-16)

How many times we know what we should do but the enemy keeps us tied to what we don’t want to do? The enemy (satan) knows our past and so he uses that to keep us captive there, to block us from our future. 

Do you look at your reflection in the mirror of your soul but make no changes despite not liking what you see?   We want something, we want to get somewhere, we want to be someone but we allow the enemy to rob us.  We dock our boats in the harbour when it should be out at sea.

The Word speaks to us but the enemy steals the seed of hope.  He sells us a lie. How many times have we bought that lie?  Our future is where God is, He is calling us but we are locked in our past by the enemy through our family, friends, high schools, colleges, universities or even our jobs. We are being held captive but Jesus came to set the captive free (Luke 4:18), He came for the lost and broken hearted.  His Word nourishes, fulfils, replenishes and rebuilds us (Nehemiah 4:6-15).  Jesus said He will rebuild His Kingdom in three days; He was referring to His death and resurrection.  All that’s been stolen will be replenished (Joel 2:25).  In order to step into the future God has for us we have to die to our past, to ourselves, to the way of this world (Luke 9:23-24) and be transformed to the way of His Word by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2).  Step out of your past and step into your future.

So you’ve got a cocaine habit; a pornography habit; a criminal mind an unforgiving nature but just as the enemy knows that and wants to keep you there in your worldly habit so does God know of your habits but He wants to free you of them and release you.  He wants to flourish you with the peace that surpasses all understanding.  He wants you to free your mind and the rest of you will follow. 

The enemy uses your weakness to keep you week, to tempt you but God uses your weaknesses to strengthen you (2 Corinthians 12:9).  The enemy relies on the frailties of your flesh but God sees past that and speaks to your Spirit.  He speaks to you urging you to come to Him through prayers, telling you to be anxious about nothing (Philippians 4:6).  Jesus Himself requested prayers to strengthen Him against the wills of the flesh (Luke 22:39-46) because the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak.  The enemy relies on the weakness of your flesh to seduce you back into a particular pattern.  The Word uses the power of your past to seduce you out of your past into your future; a future free from captivity, free from the darkness of your past habits. 

Seduction is the key; there’s nothing wrong with seduction if it’s used in the sanctity provided through the Word of God.  The enemy uses things outside of that sanctity for destruction.  Sampson was seduced by Delilah outside of that sanctity (Judges 16:1-31) and he lost all his strength, he was held captive by his weakness but God used his situation and gave him another chance to fulfill his purpose.  God  strengthened him to bring him out of darkness back into His light. God will do it for you too.

What are your weaknesses?  What is your seductress? 
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