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Fight For Your Name

Fight For Your Name
Are you in a place of waiting? Are you waiting on God to bless you? Are you in a fight that seems never ending? Have you lost your comfort? Does it seem like God is not talking to you anymore? Is your world crashing in on you? Are you in a ditch? Hold on, don’t give up, keep your faith and fight...a new day is dawning and your new name is coming. 

Abraham had to be taken out of his comfort and away from all he knew to be blessed and to fulfil his purpose. Sometimes you have to brake and change position to receive what God has for you. He lost all he had but held onto his faith. He was raised in a lap of luxury. He had every material thing he needed and more but God had a plan for him. His plan was to make him a father of many nations and his descendants as plentiful as the sand on the sea shore (Romans 4:17) but He had to make sure Abraham was capable of handling the blessing so God removed him from where he was and took him on a journey..on a process; He needed to strengthen and rename him. Abraham forsook all he knew and was made righteous by the depth of his faith and obedience. He had to live in the wilderness but he kept his faith. He believed God and God blessed him (Genesis 15:6). God renamed him and made him a father of many nations (Genesis 17:5).
Jacob had to wrestle all night long with man and God but he kept his Faith, he did not give up (Genesis 32:22-26). He knew that God would bless and prosper him if he held on. He was battered and bruised during the fight, suffered a broken hip but did not give up. He fought for his blessing and God favoured him; He gave him a new name Israel (Genesis 32:27-30). You may be wrestling with past and present struggles but hold on to God because in the morning of your struggles breakthrough will come. You will get your new name.
Job was a very rich man. He was a faithful servant and God blessed and prospered him with many riches but God had more for him. He was blameless in the sight of God but God allowed him to be tested and all he had was taken away from him, he lost everything; his riches, his children, his health but he held on to his faith. When everyone around him advised him to curse God, he held on to God, he kept hold of his faith and love for God and he was rewarded double for his trouble. God restored all he had and doubled it. His faith earned him the blessing of God (Book of Job).
These three great men of the Bible are examples of struggles, wilderness, loss, sinful past but great faith and love for the Lord. Abraham and Jacob were sinners but God forgave and rewarded them for their faith and love for Him. Abraham lied about his wife (Genesis 20:1-2); Jacob stole his brother’s birth right (Genesis 27).  There is no sin too big that God will not forgive. Job was blameless and loved the Lord but his faith was tested (book of Job).
This message is not for the proud and upright, but for those who feel bent over in pain. Those of you who are out of your comfort zone, in a place of wilderness and losing some stuff along the highway, you’re growing weary of wrestling with the challenges of just doing life.
God does not look at you through the eyes of man (1 Samuel 16:7).  He does not see you in your circumstances but sees you past your circumstances. He is a God of order and process. You will have to go through changes, lose some things, be processed, be separated from people, be uncomfortable but hold on, keep fighting, keep praising Him (1 Thessalonians 5:18).  God looked at Jacob and Abraham through His eyes, not the eyes of the people around them. He does not see you as people see you. He will change who and where you are to whom and where He wants you to be by the renewing and transformation in your spirit. He will change your mind, your thoughts, and your destination.  You may have to wrestle and release stuff but hold on to God. Your destination is not where you are now; you are on a journey to the promise of a better future and the enemy will fight you every step of the way.
When God shows up in your life He will show you your future but you will have to go through some stuff to get it. You need to want to have it above all else. When God revealed himself to me I did not understand it but I knew I had to have more of whatever he was offering. You have to trust him in the areas where you can’t trace him. When I was a child I thought like a child. When I became a man I put away childish things (1 Corinthians 13:11). The word of God will put the kid to sleep and awake the king in you.
Trust the Lord to deliver what he’s shown you. When I was deep in the world fighting to get the things of the world, I never gave up until I got what I wanted.  If I wanted it I was going to have it. Then change came. Greater is He that lives in me than he who is in the world (1 John 4:4). When God came into my life I knew He had a plan and purpose for me, something that the world could not provide. Like Jacob I wanted what He showed me but to get it I had to have Him first and He would have to have me. He took me from where I was and I lost all I had but I held on. I was taken from my comfort, from all I knew; I had to fight situations, my finances, my relationships. I was broken, lonely and uncomfortable but I was not going to give up until He blessed me; until I got what He had for me and He blessed and prospered me. He renamed me. I had to have the sense and determination of Jacob; the faith of Job and the courage of Abraham. I am still holding on because He’s not finished blessing me. 
Abraham, Jacob and Job’s journeys are for the people who are wrestling; the people who are in the wilderness; those who have lost and are uncomfortable; those who are in ditches; those who are broken; those who are in a fight.  Hold on, don’t give up; your morning is coming and you will be rewarded.  When God shows up in your life you will never be poor or broke again; you will never lack again. He will give you something more valuable and powerful than money. He gives you His Word and it dwells in you. It can cut through any situation. It can give life to dead bones (Ezekiel 37:1-14). If you are in a ditch, don’t just lie down and give up...fight.  If He’s allowed you to fall in a ditch He can take you out. Don’t stop wrestling until He gets you out. You are a celebrity....His celebrity so get out of there; wrestle yourself out of there!!!  Stand on His Word and fight. His Word is not proud of any situation; it’s not too proud of your situation so use His Word; It’s a double edged sword and is capable of cutting through ALL things (Hebrews 4:12), us it and fight for your blessing. His Word is for the breaking of strong holds and proud arguments (2 Corinthians 4:5). God can start and stop any situation. 
Have you seen what God has for you? Have you smelt it, tasted it? Do you want it? Job, Abraham and Jacob did and they wanted it. I did and I wanted it. We all had to fight for it. We had to wrestle for it. Had to give up some things, lose some things, become uncomfortable; go down into the ditch, walk through the valleys but we never gave up. The enemy will always tempt you to give up. He will play on your pain, your loss, your discomfort but don’t let him steal your faith. Stand on God’s Word, His promise and say “Devil, don’t come near my faith because I will fight you for can take everything but you’re not having my faith!!”
Fight your way out of the jungle.  Hold on till morning and claim your new name
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