Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Pirate Is After Your Cargo

The Pirate Is After Your Cargo

Gods word brings life into dead situations. There's none bigger, stronger or more powerful than He is and when you are in a relationship with Him, He dwells in you and you in Him. You have the power and strength through Him to walk on serpents and scorpions (Luke 10:19); to crush the enemy. He places something in you that's very valuable. He places His Word and Spirit. You become a vessel carrying very valuable cargo. What you carry as a Christian is powerful enough to lift up men, women and children to be who God wants them to be so that they can be where He wants them to be but just like the pirates out at sea, the enemy sees and knows how valuable your cargo is, he notices your power, so he will go all out to steal it from you.

Brothers and sisters, Christians, are you aware of what you're carrying? Are you aware of how valuable your cargo is? The enemy is!!!  You are carrying Gods love and your testimony.  Don't be ashamed of it; it's the Gospel (2 Timothy 1:8).  Don't let the pirate capture you.  The enemy will come after you like a pirate at sea but use Gods word - your power and strength - and let him know that what you're carrying is not for him, it's for defeating him.  Let him know that your cargo is much to valuable and powerful for him and you won't give in or give it up. Stand up and fight. Be a warrior for God. You've got His armour so wear it (Ephesians 6:10-18) and deliver your cargo to its destination.

Being a Christian, a man/woman of God, a Pastor, a Preacher is a massive feat but hold on and don't let anyone steal your standing with God from you; it's a blessing; it's your joy. You are equipped to make change.  Anyone you speak to you will change their thought process and destination. Gods purpose for them will be fulfilled in their new destination. Gods word changes minds and destinations.  It brings to fruition His purpose for your life and along the way He will use what He's placed in you to change the lives of others.  

The pirate is after you so hold on tightly to your cargo. You may have to change direction or be delayed but God makes no mistakes because He has a purpose for what He's placed in you and if you will only listen to His voice and be obedient to His voice (Deuteronomy 4:1) you will defeat the pirate. 

I had an encounter recently where I was getting ready to go to the gym before going to work but I was delayed because I felt the need to read Gods word before leaving the house. Eventually I left but on the way there I realised there had been quite a nasty accident on the route I had to take to get to the gym.  I realised that if I had left my usual time, I would have been caught up in that accident.  Immediately I recognised Gods work and how He saved me from the attempts of the enemy. The night before, the Spirit of God had heavily visited me and had given me a message to deliver (Fight For Your Name). I had not yet put it out there but I knew someone somewhere needed to hear that message and so the enemy was after me but I serve a God who is greater than the enemy (1 John 4:4).  A God who had placed something in me and because of my relationship with Him and obedience to His voice the pirate did not capture me and I delivered my cargo.

As Christians we are always in a race against the enemy.  The enemy knows how powerful the prize at the end of the race is and he doesn't want you to get to it because it will deplete him.  He will be the winner if you let him overtake you. Like the drivers in F1, they are racing to get to the finish line because the prize is waiting there for the winner.  The trophy is theirs if they make it to the finish line first and they will get there at all cost, overtaking, ducking and diving but at all times protecting what will get them to the finish line first (their car).  We are runners in a race and at the finish line is Gods glory and His kingdom (1 Corinthians 9:24 & Philippians 3:14).

What you have is very valuable so you will be noticed. 

What you have will raise you up and out of mediocrity to notoriety.  You will have to be on your guard at all times but your fight will be made easier as you continue to strengthen your relationship with the Lord. You will hear His voice above all else, He will guide, guard and direct you.  He will shield you.  He will take on your battles (2 Chronicles 20:15).  Like David when he went after Goliath, you will be armed with the Spirit of the Lord. Be strong and be courageous (Joshua1:9). Your cargo, the word of God must be delivered.  It will reach it's destination -Gods people - and you will overpower the pirate.

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