Monday, 8 October 2012

CREDIBILITY : The enemy is after your credibility

CREDIBILITY    :           The enemy is after your credibility
The Word of God cannot be changed.  It’s the same today, tomorrow and forever and it’s by His Word, our spiritual food, that we are able to change lives.  We are to live by the Word and be an example of the Word but if we are not credible our power to reach people through the Word is lost. The enemy wants to stop us from getting and spreading the Word. If he can mess up the credibility of the Word giver, he can dilute how it’s received and acted on. If non believers don’t hear and act on the Word they cannot benefit from it. (Romans 10:17 (NIV) Faith comes from hearing the message and the message is heard through the Word of Christ). The enemy, (satan) knows the Word of God and its strength.  He knows it brings light into darkness and strengthens the believer so he sets out to stop us from spreading the Word.
The world was in darkness but God spoke into the darkness and brought light to the world. The Word was God and God was the Word: (John 1:1 (NIV) In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God). (Genesis 1:3 (NIV) And God said, “Let there be light”, and there was light).  (John 1:4-5 (NIV) In Him was life and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness but the darkness has not understood it). Satan is the king of darkness and darkness is ignorance. Darkness keeps you from the Truth but the Truth, the Light; the Word – will set you free from the darkness.  Satan sets out to steal the Word seed and abort you from prosperity and your destiny.  He knows who you are and who you can be. He knows the impact you can have on the lives of others and the power you have in the spoken Word of God. He cannot steal the Word from you but he can destroy your credibility.  We must maintain our character integrity.  Protect this at all times from the wolf, the thief.  God has placed people in our paths to receive blessings from the Word and our credibility is the platform. Our ability to live by the Word and the message of the Word strengthens our credibility and gives power to our delivering the Good News of the Word. The enemy has placed people to trap us into backsliding and into a life of sin.  We all face struggles with our walk in the Word and maintaining our credibility in the Word but it is imperative that we continually feed ourselves with our spiritual food, the Word of God.  Upholding our credibility in the Word is to uphold the message of the Cross. 
Without my credibility I would not have been asked to the top table of Chigwell Business Group nor would I have been nominated for the British Franchise Award. My relationship with God is something which I continually give priority to in all aspects of my life.  Often times in my line of business I face challenges and decision making situations which could easily put me in a position of following the way and expectations of the world which in turn would damage my credibility when edifying others with God’s Word but I recognise the importance of maintaining my relationship with God and letting His Light guide me.  I endeavour to ensure that His work in me is seen and be an example to others.  It’s about being credible in every aspect of my life. I have and will continue to face attacks from the enemy but by strengthening myself with the Word, God continues to be the Light in my life and it is with this Light that I walk daily.  It’s this Light that enables me to not look to the left or the right but keep striving forward to be the best I can be, to maintain my credibility so that others can not only hear the Word through me but also see the Word manifest itself in me. My credibility affords me the privilege of being an example of God’s grace, mercy, favour and blessing to others. By living my life in the Word, for the Word, by the Word and with the Word I am able to win the fight against the enemy’s attempts to steal my credibility and dilute the message of God
God is the Light of the world and we are His children therefore His light shines through us. We are the living, walking, talking credibility of His Word and by living in His Word the enemy is powerless......maintain your credibility and be a true disciple of our Lord
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