Monday, 15 October 2012

You’re Not Ready For This: Don’t push yet

You’re Not Ready For This:  Don’t push yet
A pregnant woman in the throes of labour must learn to breath and push at the right time in order to give birth to the baby she is carrying. She has to wait and go through the contractions before she can push.  She has to endure pain and hardship before birthing what she is carrying.  She has to exercise patience and tolerance before she can receive and hold the blessing of her child.  Although it is her body enduring the pain, she is dependent on the midwife and doctors, the professionals to guide her and point her to the exact time to push.  Until she has fully dilated she is not ready to birth what’s inside her but when she gets to that point of complete dilation, she is guided through the pushing process until her gift is birth.
This is much the same as when God is about to take us to the next level of birthing what He’s placed in us.  He takes us through the pain and guides us into the delivery of the gift. He is the professional. We have to endure before we enjoy.  We have to learn to be patient in the midst of the pain.  Endurance is not about being made to suffer, it’s about being made stronger, it’s about being prepared, it’s about being made ready to receive His gift to us (Hebrews 10:36 AMP).  There are aspects of us that need chipping away in order to smooth our edges.  We need refining.  We need shaping.  A diamond has to go through the hottest fire in order to be refined, to be perfectly shaped.  God will take us through the fire but we won’t get burnt (Daniel 3:22-26 AMP).  It is the preparation process for our purpose.  Until we have been refined, gone through the fire and be made fit for purpose, we are not ready for what God has for us. Until we are fully open to His way and will we are not ready to receive the gift.  When God is refining us sometimes the situation looks disfigured, ugly and bent out of shape but just as the potter and the clay; the clay can’t tell the potter what he should make or dictate the process by which the end product is achieved.  The clay has to go through a shaping, refining process.  During the birth of a baby the worst pains are just before the baby is born but what a joy when the birth takes place.
Sometimes we need to go through pain while our dreams and ambitions are being birth.  The pains may last for hours, days or even months; the length of my night and your night may be different as will be our waiting times but weeping may last a night but joy comes in the morning (Psalm 30:5 AMP).  Joseph, Joshua, Moses and many other profound people of the Bible went through trials and challenges before the dream materialised.  We will all go through trials but remember God is in control.  Even Jesus had to go through trials and pain but what joy He received in the end.
God has placed something in us that He has a plan and a purpose for but He needs us to be ready for it.  He needs us to be strong, to be refined and ready to push and give birth to it.  He makes no mistakes and the process He takes us through is only a journey to our destiny.  It’s a building and strengthening process.  Pregnancy lasts nine months during which time the baby, the gift on the inside is developed, refined and formed.  At the end of the nine months when the gift has been made perfect, the gift carrier has to go through a process to be made ready to receive the gift. (Isaiah 48:10; 1 Peter 5:10; John 23:10).  Be comforted in the knowledge that your trials are Gods way of developing and preparing you to give birth.  To receive the joy He has purposed for you

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