Monday, 1 October 2012

What Is Your Legacy

What Is Your Legacy

"What is your legacy....what will be left after you're gone?”

There are two kinds of legacy: material legacy and spiritual legacy. As people we are expected to leave a legacy, an inheritance for those following us; the next generation, so we work hard to obtain material wealth to hand down to the next generation, it's our legacy and their inheritance but God is not interested in our material legacy/inheritance. He's interested in our spiritual legacy, what we have passed on as an inheritance to those to come. 

Just as you accumulate material wealth and then look at what you've done with it, so does God look at what you've done with your spiritual wealth. A business owner will sit with his accountant who will provide proof of what he had, what he spent and what he's got left. The accountant continually keeps an eye on what you're doing. It's an account of what you've done. Is there a deficit or have you made a profit?

God’s Word is like your business and God (your accountant) at the end will inquire of you what did you do with the Word He gave to you? How did you use it? How did you spend it and did you make a profit or is there a deficit? (Matthew 25:14-30).  A business in its first year often makes no profit (loss), it's a period of lessons but you learn from that loss and you make adjustments to start making a profit. It's much the same as Gods Word. When you first come into the Word you make mistakes, there's often a deficit because it's a learning period, a struggle to maintain yourself in the Word and not give in to temptation. The struggle is your training but after the training you're equip to start putting into practice the lessons learnt and make a profit. You start to recognise the blessing in every situation and pass on those lessons and blessings. It's a process of feeding others Gods food - His Word - you teach others His ways by way of spreading His word. You become an example of His love and grace, you bring light into the lives of those in the dark.

You leave a legacy, an inheritance for those to come.
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