Monday, 1 October 2012

The Sheep Knows The Shepherd’s Voice : Who Is Your Shepherd? Which Road Are You On?

The Sheep Knows The Shepherd’s Voice :  
Who Is Your Shepherd? Which Road Are You On?

The Lord is our Shepherd He leads us into green pastures (Psalm 23)
God loves us all and has a plan for us (Jeremiah 29:11).  He goes out of his way to get us to where His plan for us lies and in the midst of that He gives us free will.
In my own life I have learned to recognize that God sends people and situations to direct our step. 

Sometimes He sends people to us who we least expect and in situations we could not fathom but it is important to hear and recognize His voice through those people and in those situations.  His Word says His sheep know His voice and they will answer to no other (John 10:27).  They will not go to a stranger (John 10:5).  I could be in a crowded shopping centre but if one of my children called out to me I would hear them over every other voice.  God hears our cries above everything else.  Once we know him we also learn to hear his voice in the middle of a storm, in the message from an unexpected source, in the most unusual places and circumstances.
I remember watching Sheep Dog Trial on TV many years ago and observing the shepherd being sent out amongst the sheep.  The aim of the trial was to get the sheep through a series of obstacles in a set period of time.  The sheep wanted to go their own way in their own time but the shepherd had a plan for them.  It was funny to see the dog (the shepherd’s aide) running around barking at the sheep but the dog had instructions too, he too was being directed by the sound of the whistle from the shepherd.  Even the dog had to listen and obey instructions, he recognized the “voice” of his master.
Sometimes God sends what we deem to be dogs into our lives in order to help us get through that narrow gate.  The Word says many will take the broad road which leads to hell, few will take the narrow road that leads to prosperity and everlasting life (Matthew 7:13-14). 
The sheep dogs in our lives are sent to encourage us and help direct us through the narrow gate but we won’t get there if we do not recognize and follow that voice and the instructions.

God does not send hired hands to guide us, He sends guardians appointed by Him.  In the case of the sheep and the shepherd the hired hand will run off if a wolf comes to kill the sheep (John 10:12).  We come across many wolves in our life, in relationships, in our workplaces and even in our own families.  The Lord is our true Shepherd and promised never to leave or forsake us and His promise is everlasting but in order to recognize the wolves when they come we must KNOW our shepherds voice above all else,
Who are the sheep dogs that’s been sent by the Lord into your life to help direct your steps to the narrow road?  Are you hearing your Shepherds voice and following instructions? Are you exercising free will and choosing the narrow or the broad road?
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