Monday, 1 October 2012

His Grace Is Not Performance Based

His Grace Is Not Performance Based
The Grace of God is not performance based.  His Grace is given freely and without being earned.  

God does not look to see what we are doing and then decide to give us His Grace.  We don’t have to “perform” for Him. We can’t earn our way to get what He has for us, He gives it to us because He can; because He loves us; because He wants to.  His Grace isn’t generated by our performance because even when we don’t feel His presence He is still watching us and providing for us; He is still carrying us {Footsteps In The Sand}. 

We don’t serve an emotional God, He is not moody, He feels us when you don’t feel Him, He cry’s and pleads on our behalf even when we can’t speak because when we can’t speak, when words fail us that’s when our spirit speaks and He reacts to our spirit.  Our mouth only confirms what our spirit feels.  

His Grace is not given based on what we’ve done, it is given in spite of what we’ve done.  He is our father.  As a parent we don’t supply for the needs of our children based on what they’ve done, we supply for their needs in spite of what they’ve done because we love them unconditionally....That’s how God loves us
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